Model Scouts reportedly recruiting at eating disorder clinics is reporting that model scouts have been attempting to recruit girls at eating disorder clinics in Sweden. This is more of a “news” story than I usually post, but this is horrifying and can’t be ignored. Click here for the article.

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Fashion and…Zombies?

Fashion would be just about the last thing on anyone’s mind should a disease that makes the dead rise and feed on the living infect the earth. But, as you may know from my previous posts, when I become interested in a book or show, it will likely affect the way I dress. For this reason, this post presents the unlikely combination of fashion and The Walking Dead.


I haven’t been this into a franchise since Harry Potter—and that’s saying something. The Walking Dead (both Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels and AMC’s television show) tells the story of a group of survivors fighting to stay alive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. What’s so fascinating about the story is that the “walkers” actually become the backdrop, while the survivors take center stage.

After catching up on three seasons in about seven weeks, I found myself having to correct a slight southern accent on some words and also discovered a bit of southern flair sneaking into my wardrobe. I’ve been especially partial to these fake snake-skin boots I got at Marshalls a while back, and my chambray shirt has been making more appearances than usual.


This got me thinking about the characters’ individual styles—especially in the TV show. Although they only have a few outfits, you can still see the sort of clothes each person likes and catch glimpses of how he or she must have dressed before the whole walker fiasco started. Based on this idea, I’ve put together a few outfits inspired by some of the characters. These aren’t outfits the characters themselves would wear (especially because one of my favorite things to explore is making womenswear outfits inspired by male characters); they’re just style ideas that we could wear in our walker-free world inspired by some of the most interesting characters on television.



One of the most frustrating characters in the series, Shane is there to protect Lori and Carl, no matter what the cost. Impulsive, erratic, seductive and confrontational, Shane causes a good deal of the drama in the first two seasons. While his khaki or camouflage cargo pants may be a bit of a fashion faux-pas, you can make the look fashionable with camo skinny jeans paired with black heels. A loose, comfortable shirt keeps the look casual. The necklace is a shout-out to the gold chain Shane usually wears and, of course, no former cop would be complete without aviators.



Lori is a figure of both guilt and strength; she and Rick fight to keep their family together and, in many ways, Lori acts as Rick’s conscience (especially in season 3). She has a very casual, simple style—usually involving ripped boyfriend jeans and a plaid shirt—often made more feminine by the color scheme and dainty earrings. While Lori has to stay practical and ready to fight at any minute, you could add bangles or a summery bandeau to mix up this look.



One of the more mysterious characters and one of the group’s best warriors, Michonne has developed strategies to not only survive in this world, but to thrive. When I think of Michonne…well, first I think samurai sword, but then I think purple. For an everyday look, I’ve replaced Michonne’s purple tank top with a dress and her leather vest with a jacket and matching shoes. Again, not practical for fighting zombies, but this is something I could definitely see Michonne wearing before the apocalypse. I’ve picked a scarf that’s reminiscent of her iconic headband and earrings to finish off the look.



Everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding redneck, Daryl has surprised everyone with his character development through the seasons and while he still has trouble talking about anything involving emotions, we all know he’s a sweetheart under all those scowls and noncommittal shrugs. Here, I’ve put together a feminine version of Daryl’s typical wardrobe: shredded pants, a sleeveless shirt in a neutral color, and a motorcycle vest to top it off (sadly, this one does not have wings on the back). I’ve added an arrow necklace as an ode to his weapon of choice and a geometric clutch as a reference to the poncho he occasionally wears when he decides it’s too cold to show off his arms (Liz…your fangirl is showing). A pair of edgy boots to match the vest complete the look.

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McQueen and I

I’ve put off posting for far too long! I’m now back from break and ready to take on the second half of the semester. I haven’t had a chance to share some of my favorites from the recent runway shows so I’ll be back to do that; for now, I just wanted to share this wonderful documentary I came across the other night. Originally a TV profile on Alexander McQueen that aired in the UK, this documentary follows McQueen’s career and highlights his relationships with Isabella Blow and Philip Treacy. I’ve only watched about half of it so far, but it’s very well done. My favorite parts are when his friends talk about him; it’s a point of view I’ve never heard before. I can’t believe I hadn’t come across this film before!

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Fashion Favorites: The Oscars 2013

While I was abroad, I missed out on many movies I wanted to see this year, so I’m not exactly up-to-date or well informed about the Oscar nominees. However, unlike many past years, this year I am interested in seeing almost all of the nominated films. This fact combined with my love of awards shows caused me to make the questionable decision to watch about five and a half hours of red carpet and event coverage last night, so I thought that after that ordeal I’d share some of my thoughts on the best looks of the night.

I have to say, I was more impressed by Golden Globes fashion this year than the washed out red carpet we saw last night at The Oscars; however, a few looks stood out either because they were extremely well executed or because the wearer decided to take a risk that paid off.

It seemed like most attendees decided to play it safe. There were many classic, simple dresses, some of which were lost in the crowd, but simple is not always a bad thing. Jessica Chastain looked amazing in Armani Prive. Many have already said that this look exudes old Hollywood glamour and it’s true. The color looked fantastic with her hair and the minimalistic jewelry let everyone see how beautiful Chastain is without any distractions.

 jessica chastain

Naomi Watts also wore Armani Prive. While I’m not a huge fan of this much glitz, the cut is new and interesting and fits her beautifully, which is quite a stunt, as a cut like this could go tragically wrong. If this had been a simple strapless dress I would have hated it, but somehow that sleeve makes it interesting and elegant.


There were, once again, a lot of muted colors on the red carpet last night. Amanda Seyfried in custom Alexander McQueen was one of my favorites. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Wuthering Heights lately, but I thought the light dress with her hair and skin and make up made her look almost spectral (in the best way possible, of course).

amanda_seyfried mcqueen

All these muted tones had me craving a pop of color and Fan Bingbing delivered. While it clashed with the carpet, this Marchesa dress certainly livened up the color palette of the evening. I love the hair and lips to go with this voluminous gown.

Fan Bingbing

Olivia Munn also looked stunning in Marchesa. I wish she had higher heels because she does appear a little too short for the gown, but I don’t blame her for wearing it anyway. Again, I love the color; the gold design and earrings and simple hair are all regal. I do, however, wish that bracelet were gold, too.

olivia munn marchesa

As at the Golden Globes, I think my favorite look of the night goes to Amy Adams, this time in Oscar de la Renta. It has a similar feel to her Golden Globes gown. The texture keeps it interesting and the subtle jewelry adds just enough sparkle.

amy adams oscar de la renta

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

While I’m flying solo for Valentine’s Day, I can’t pass up an opportunity to play dress up.  My friends and I ventured to the mall last night for a little mid-week retail therapy and I found this perfect Valentine’s Day shirt at Express. It was way on sale and I love the shape of this festive peplum top. I also found the necklace at Forever 21 during my bargain hunting.


I had to complete the look with my white Lolita sunglasses. What better time to wear these heart-shaped frames?


Hope everyone’s having a happy heart’s day!

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The Take Over, The Break’s Over

Fall Out Boy

On the morning of February 4th I awoke to find the music world abuzz about the return of Fall Out Boy. If you knew me in high school you know my teenage life revolved around bands with too-tight jeans and tongue-twister song titles. And if you know me now, you know my music taste hasn’t evolved much since then. So needless to say, I was shaking with excitement at the prospect of a whole new album full of self-depreciating yet somehow liberating lyrics and a comeback tour. While sadly I wasn’t able to secure tickets to the tour as all dates sold out in seconds, I’m still impossibly excited about the approximately 12 new FOB songs to be released in May (what could be a better birthday gift?!).

All this FOB mania has me spiraling into nostalgia about the bands I used to be so dedicated to and the shows I used to attend. Thinking back, it was this music scene that started me on the early steps toward my interest in fashion. In high school, all my spending money went to concert tickets and band merch, which lead to me starting to develop my own style of dressing. And believe me, I use the term “style” loosely—I wore band hoodies and too much eyeliner, but suddenly I was making conscious decisions about how I was presenting myself through my clothes. After Fall Out Boy came the Cobra Starship-inspired “Neon Phase.” Then came my love for Lady Gaga, who introduced me to Alexander McQueen through her music video for “Bad Romance.” Little did that fifteen-year-old girl in the broken-heart-splattered hoodie know, she was already on her way to swooning over Stella McCartney and Givenchy.

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Come Hell or High Fashion featured on Her Campus!

hercampus skidmoreHappy Friday, everyone! I’m excited to say that Come Hell or High Fashion is currently featured on Her Campus Skidmore! I was interviewed earlier this week as a “campus celebrity” and had a lot of fun answering Her Campus’s questions about style, my time in Paris, and where my interest in fashion might lead me. To read the interview, click here!

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