Fashion Favorites: The Oscars 2013

While I was abroad, I missed out on many movies I wanted to see this year, so I’m not exactly up-to-date or well informed about the Oscar nominees. However, unlike many past years, this year I am interested in seeing almost all of the nominated films. This fact combined with my love of awards shows caused me to make the questionable decision to watch about five and a half hours of red carpet and event coverage last night, so I thought that after that ordeal I’d share some of my thoughts on the best looks of the night.

I have to say, I was more impressed by Golden Globes fashion this year than the washed out red carpet we saw last night at The Oscars; however, a few looks stood out either because they were extremely well executed or because the wearer decided to take a risk that paid off.

It seemed like most attendees decided to play it safe. There were many classic, simple dresses, some of which were lost in the crowd, but simple is not always a bad thing. Jessica Chastain looked amazing in Armani Prive. Many have already said that this look exudes old Hollywood glamour and it’s true. The color looked fantastic with her hair and the minimalistic jewelry let everyone see how beautiful Chastain is without any distractions.

 jessica chastain

Naomi Watts also wore Armani Prive. While I’m not a huge fan of this much glitz, the cut is new and interesting and fits her beautifully, which is quite a stunt, as a cut like this could go tragically wrong. If this had been a simple strapless dress I would have hated it, but somehow that sleeve makes it interesting and elegant.


There were, once again, a lot of muted colors on the red carpet last night. Amanda Seyfried in custom Alexander McQueen was one of my favorites. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Wuthering Heights lately, but I thought the light dress with her hair and skin and make up made her look almost spectral (in the best way possible, of course).

amanda_seyfried mcqueen

All these muted tones had me craving a pop of color and Fan Bingbing delivered. While it clashed with the carpet, this Marchesa dress certainly livened up the color palette of the evening. I love the hair and lips to go with this voluminous gown.

Fan Bingbing

Olivia Munn also looked stunning in Marchesa. I wish she had higher heels because she does appear a little too short for the gown, but I don’t blame her for wearing it anyway. Again, I love the color; the gold design and earrings and simple hair are all regal. I do, however, wish that bracelet were gold, too.

olivia munn marchesa

As at the Golden Globes, I think my favorite look of the night goes to Amy Adams, this time in Oscar de la Renta. It has a similar feel to her Golden Globes gown. The texture keeps it interesting and the subtle jewelry adds just enough sparkle.

amy adams oscar de la renta

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