Holiday Cheer at Paris Department Stores!

It’s unbelievable, but two weeks from today I’ll be leaving France and heading home. I’ll miss Paris, but I’m extremely excited to get back to the states to see my family and friends for the holidays. I’ve been terrible about posting this semester, and what will probably happen is I’ll get home for winter break and post about all my travels after the fact simply because I’ll have more time once the semester ends!

Yesterday, I went to two of the largest department stores in Paris, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, to catch a glimpse of the holiday windows that I had heard were a must-see. The Havre-Caumartin metro stop has an exit that lets out right in front of Printemps. It’s very convenient, but be prepared for crowds! As soon as you step out of the metro, you’re in the crowds moving about to see all the displays.

Printemps had windows by Dior and Galeries Lafayette had displays by Louis Vuitton. Many featured moving puppets and all featured beautiful clothes! I preferred the Dior windows, which featured plenty of holiday sparkle and glam to the Louis Vuitton windows, whose LV-wearing ostriches, penguins and polar bears were a little too strange for me. (The first three photos are Dior and the fourth and fifth are LV.)






I also had the chance to explore inside Galeries Lafayette. It has floors and floors of high-end clothing; it’s overwhelming. The highlight is definitely the dome ceiling over the perfume kiosks. The ceiling is beautiful and you can see balconies of the higher levels and, best of all, they currently have a giant Christmas tree set up right in the center. I’ve been looking for a red beret for a while (I feel it’s almost mandatory to return from France with a beret) and I found a perfect one (NOT by a designer brand…by Galeries Lafayette’s own brand) that I had to pick up. Now even when I return home I will feel très parisien!



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