Alice Auaa Spring 2013

To be completely honest, I had not heard of Alice Auaa until yesterday when I saw this collection online. I was blown away. Alice Yasutaka Funakoshi has created a collection filled with Victorian motifs and gothic theatricality. The collection was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and you can tell–it looks like Alice died at a punk show and came back as a zombie. (Which, if you couldn’t already tell, I say as a compliment. I love it.) It’s comforting to see some combat boots on the runway, not just mile-high stilettos; this is ready-to-wear, people! I’m not as coordinated as the fabulous Parisian women here who wear their escarpins on the cobblestones.

This collection is full of unexpected silhouettes and structures. It’s not just about being chic; it’s about keeping fashion interesting. Funakoshi  gives one model an extra “leg” in order to show off a double trench coat. He uses furniture as skirts. A giant hat covers one model’s entire head. He deconstructs classic Victorian styles by displaying destroyed hoop skirts and using Victorian structural layers (corsets, slips, skirt-shaping ribbing etc.) as outerwear. I adore Victorian fashion and any sort of update of it is approved by me! This happens to be an especially interesting update because of all the ways Funakoshi  plays with scale, structure and texture to bring Victorian corsets, bustles and bloomers into 2013.

This collection was shown in Tokyo this past week. More information and pictures of more of the looks can be found here at Women’s Wear Daily’s website. I plan to look into Alice Auaa and Alice Yasutaka Funakoshi–I can’t believe I hadn’t heard the name before as this designer seems right up my alley.

On a somewhat related note, I saw an exhibit on fashion in impressionism at the Musée d’Orsay the other day so stay tuned for more on Victorian fashion and my adventures in France. A bientot!

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