While this is first and foremost a fashion blog, during the time I’m in Paris it’s definitely going to digress into some travel blog posts. I will, of course, post every time I find a good market or a good deal or a cool exhibit involving fashion, but sometimes I’m not going to be able to contain my word vomit about the beautiful places I’ve seen since arriving here.

For example, a couple weekends ago my whole program spent a few days visiting Vienne, Annecy, and Lyon. While doing so, we stayed in an ivy-covered chateau in Maubec owned by the kindest, most welcoming couple I’ve ever met. It was basically my whole program having a sleepover in a ridiculously beautiful house. I felt like Madeline. The name of the house is Chateau de Césarges.

During the day, we went out and explored the aforementioned cities/towns. Annecy was by far my favorite; it was the epitome of “charming.” We went on a cruise of the lake, ate some delicious crepes and I found a great leather jacket for fall. It seems that the whole town is made up of cafés, ice cream stands and adorable shops. It’s heaven!

Another highlight was climbing to the top of a roman amphitheater in Vienne. The view was spectacular.

So here’s to the new multi-purpose-ness of this blog! I’ll be back with more updates soon…whether about fashion, food, or travel, I’m not sure yet.

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3 Responses to Disclaimer:

  1. Atticus says:

    Great pics. I like the shots of the bridge and water.

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