Lights and Chew Lips at Fleche D’Or

While I’m out of the country, FOUR of my favorite bands will be playing in the vicinity of my hometown. Upon learning this last week, I began feeling nostalgic for concerts and started looking for shows in Paris. I happened across the website for a venue called Fleche D’Or in the 20th arrondissement and saw that a week from that day, Lights was playing with a band called Chew Lips and it was only about 14 euros. I immediately convinced a friend to go with me and nabbed a ticket.

Wednesday night, we made the trip out to the nightclub, which is a converted train station. It’s a nice set up—quite small, merch tables and a bar in the back—and looks a lot nicer on the inside than it does on the outside. It took a while for the show to get started, so we had a glass of wine (4 euros, a much more reasonable price than the 9 euros cocktails) and looked at Lights’ merch (Chew Lips didn’t seem to have any set up). I didn’t bring any band shirts with me to Paris and I’ve been missing them. So to fill that void in my heart, I bought this awesome film-noir-ish shirt featuring Lights’ beautiful face.

The show was great; I’m always surprised at how good Lights sounds live. I think because her music is so electronic and her voice has that nasal/flirty sound to it, I always expect her to be mediocre, but she’s actually great. In fact, she even did a killer cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” Chew Lips were also awesome. They sound like the offspring of the Ting Tings and Shiny Toy Guns and the singer has a fantastic voice.

I’m going to be on the lookout for more shows at Fleche D’Or, and in the meantime I’m going to pick up some more music by Chew Lips and enjoy my glorious return to wearing band shirts.

Some pictures from the show…

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