Vogue’s Fashion Night Out Paris

Fashionistas, designers, models, acrobats, and DJs descended upon Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and the surrounding area last Thursday night for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. I had the good fortune of arriving in Paris just a few weeks before the event, which is held in fashion-oriented cities around the world. What could be a better introduction to this stylish city?

My friend and I chose our outfits and headed out to see the shops all lit up and packed with people. Kenzo was our first stop. They had hula-hooping acrobats and a man acting as host, saying who knows what into a microphone (I don’t know enough French yet to know what exactly he was saying).

The store was packed and we didn’t even try to brave the stairs leading to the women’s wear. But the menswear was vibrant and filled with 70’s-inspired patterns and textures. Not a look that would work for everyone, but great colors for fall.

 Paul Smith was one of my favorite locations of the night; the shop was transformed into a giant house party, complete with DJ and dancefloor. Except that instead of being surrounded by beer pong tables and Animal House posters, we were surrounded by beautiful clothing. Works for me.

A blurry picture of the scene at Paul Smith

Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré has all these little hidden courtyards leading to more stores. We explored a few of these and, in one, happened upon a store called Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. As you may guess from the name, the shop was filled almost exclusively with pleated clothing. Most were in stunningly bright colors and interesting shapes. The idea behind the clothing is that each piece is easy to take care of or travel with—the fabric doesn’t wrinkle or crease!

LOVE the colors and concept at Pleats Please

Another highlight was Lanvin, just because it’s a favorite of mine. Beautiful clothes, fun vibes, and a background to take pictures against!

The Lanvin windows were gorgeous…

Honestly, the best part of the night was seeing everyone dressed up and out and about. I was more interested in the wide range of styles on the street than the clothes on the racks. The one moment that frustrated me was upon hearing that Givenchy had a guest list. I adore Givenchy, but I felt that this sort of defeated the purpose of the evening; to me, the event seemed like just a great excuse for fashion-crazy people to get together, put on some fun clothes and check out what the designers currently have to say. (Givenchy, maybe I’ll forgive you if you give me one of your Rottweiler sweaters? No? Okay. I still love you.)

Another little courtyard, this time in front of Sartore

We didn’t go in, but Dolce & Gabbana was looking luxurious from the outside

And then we reached the end of the street and there was the Eiffel Tower all aglow and looking its most beautiful. Sometimes I forget I’m in Paris for a while, then I turn the corner, or the street opens up on a view like that and it hits me all over again.

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