Let’s Talk About Fashion

Here’s another article I recommend reading, more important than the last. This article from Bullet discusses how we talk critically about fashion and how we can create a real discourse about it as a serious art form–without taking ourselves too seriously. Click here for the article.

I love this sort of thing. Let’s talk about clothes the way we talk about literature! Each collection is a story. Each designer is presenting his or her unique perspective through the clothes he or she creates. And every single person that gets dressed in the morning is presenting his or her unique perspective through the clothes he or she chooses to wear. Fashion begs questions of beauty, individuality, influence…the list goes on! And these are all things that deserve to be talked about.

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3 Responses to Let’s Talk About Fashion

  1. I would think that those who are into fashion would understand and think that way. It’s those that think fashion is frivolous who don’t. They would be the lot that burn books because you can’t allow freedom of thought or expression.

    • Agreed! I’d hope everyone interested in fashion recognizes it’s more than vanity. But the article talks a lot about the way mainstream fashion media operates as a selling tool rather than a forum for discussion, which is a shame. But real comments and criticism are definitely out there! Especially with all the blogs and such today.

      • It’s unfortunate.
        If you fall for the discussion as a selling tool than you are likely to be a fashion slave rather than someone who has developed an individual style and a real passion for fashion. It is a passion for owning or labels…not really what true beautiful fashion is about.

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