But What Will I Wear?!

Vogue has a way of making every reader feel like he or she, exclusively, is a wonderful, glamourous individual that the staff at Vogue cares about deeply. While this notion is quite hyperbolic, I appreciate the effort nonetheless and occasionally allow myself to feel flattered by it. This is one of those occasions.

Yesterday I bought a copy of the September issue of French Vogue for two reasons:

1. What better motivation to learn French than to have pages and pages of the language in front of you accompanying gorgeous fashion photography? I look at the pictures and want to know what the text says! So far I’ve learned that “escarpins” seems to mean “heels.” Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

2. Additionally, each issue of Vogue Paris this month contains an invitation to “Vogue’s Fashion Night Out Paris” which takes place tomorrow evening. From 6pm to 10 pm (or, as we say here, 18h-22h) a large number of fashion houses will open their doors to those with invitations (again, Vogue making you and thousands of other readers feel special) and create a massive, classy shopping experience. I can guarantee you everything will be out of my price range, but I’m excited to window shop and I’ve been told that some designers attend and mill about in their shops, mingling with models, editors and other attendees. The event takes place in cities across the globe and offers exclusive products and, so I’ve heard, free champagne. So now, only one question remains: what will I wear?!

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2 Responses to But What Will I Wear?!

  1. loveitliz says:

    Loving your blog -It’s so stylish! I’d love it if you could check out mine. Keep Posting!

  2. gossipfevers says:

    Reblogged this on Gossip Fever.

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