I’ve been in France for a week now and have had no time to write because I’ve been so busy! I somehow managed to pack only three bags for the semester; I was rather impressed with myself, considering I usually fill a van for a semester at school.

This, of course, meant I had to be very selective in the clothes I packed. I did my best to pack things that would mix and match. I also brought only things that would match black shoes then brought only black shoes. My cat was no help, laying on my suitcases whenever possible. I don’t think she wanted me to go:

Thus far, I’ve had an orientation in Paris, gone on a tour of Normandy and started class. While there’s a lot to say about all of that, I don’t really have time now to say it. I have to prepare for my first business class tomorrow, but expect a lot more updates now that I’m settled in!

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One Response to Bonjour!

  1. Natalie says:

    Good luck on your adventure! Studying abroad was the best decision I made in college. I’m quite jealous that you’re in Paris.. someday I’ll make it there!

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