“One-Nothing. Your move. Come and get me.” Or How Rorschach is making me excited for Paris.

Perhaps fashion is not the first thing most people associate with Watchmen. But I must say, watching the movie again the other night made me really excited about the trench coat I’m bringing to Paris. There’s something about watching Rorschach, everyone’s favorite nihilist, running about in one, trying to exact his extreme ideals of justice and expounding on existential principles that just makes me want to put on a trench coat, too, and perhaps, in doing so, inherit some of Rorschach’s certainty in what he believes and confidence in what he does (while hopefully avoiding his ample dosage of crazy).

Trench coats exude this strange mix of confidence and mystery, fueled by characters like Rorschach and all the secret agents who have worn them through the years. I’m excited to wear this mix in France…I’m going to need the confidence in a country where I barely know the language!

I love this London Fog for Nordstrom coat. It’s so versatile, it’s the only one I’m bringing with me! The hood and inner liner are detachable, making it fit for rain or shine, warm or cold (which is extremely helpful when packing for 3 and a half months in 3 bags!). There’s enough room for layering under it without looking bulky. I got the coat in black because they didn’t have my size in stone, but I love both color options.

An added note on Watchmen: There is actually a lot to say about how fashion and clothing function in Watchmen, but I’ll leave that for future pondering and posting…

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