Plot Twist: I Did Make it to New York in Time for Prada/Schiaparelli

Contrary to how I thought this past weekend would play out, my friend and I were, in fact, able to secure bus tickets and make it down to the city on Saturday. We had a lovely time pretending to be locals with our friend who has been living there this summer. We ate some delicious food, went on some successful shopping excursions (I got a perfect scarf for Paris), and made it to the MET to see Impossible Conversations. My MET membership that I obtained just to cut the line at the McQueen exhibit last summer finally came in handy again just before it expires at the end of this month.

The exhibit was very well done; it was well organized and perfectly curated, as always. The space was divided into sections, each with a video of Prada and an actress as Schiaparelli discussing their opinions on creating clothes and the fashion world in general. These videos and quotes printed on the walls provided some insight into how each woman thinks and why she designs the way that she does. I think my favorite section was the first: “Waist Up/Waist Down.” Prada skirts were paired with Schiaparelli jackets to show the sections of the body the two women tend to focus on. Close by, Prada shoes and Schiaparelli hats were paired based on some sort of motif they shared (patterns, shapes, etc.).

While we weren’t allowed to take photos in the exhibit, we did take some of the current exhibit on the roof: Tomás Saraceno on the Roof: Cloud City, which is open until November 4th and definitely worth checking out. You can climb around in the structure if you get a timed ticket, but we were there too late in the day…it was already sold out; however, even without going in it, the mirrored structure accentuates the already gorgeous view of the city, making the trip up to the roof (even if there’s a bit of a wait at the elevator) definitely worth your time.

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